Friday, October 8, 2010

*chronokit* new watch release !!

Hi all, I'm kit Pizzicato, I'm owner of *chronokit*.
This information from *chronokit*.

I began to sell a new wristwatch.
Its name is "Lancelot".

[ Gold ]

The color of the metal has the black, red, and silver besides gold above.
You select a favorite color from among this and it is possible to buy it.

[ Black ]

[ Red ]

[ Silver ]

A detailed specification is as follows.
・The bracelet and the stitch of the crocodile leather can change the color to 9 colors.
・It changes the size, and time(time zone) can be adjusted. It controls in the script.
・Its a unisex.

There is fat packing, too.
These are sold as a version that can be copied. (It is not possible to transfer it)

[ Fat pack ]

This is a clock made for men. Therefore, the face is large.
However, even if the woman wears it, it is very cool.

Please come to the main store if you were interested in this.
There is DEMO in the main store.

I'm wishing that time in your Second Life becomes a thing that is cool and enhanced.
Thank you.

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