Sunday, November 27, 2011

*chronokit* new mesh watch release !!

Hi all, I'm kit Pizzicato, I'm owner of *chronokit*.
This information from *chronokit*.

I began to sell a new mesh wristwatch.
Its name is "QUASAR".

[ Silver ]

The color of the metal has the black, red, white, and gold besides silver above.
You select a favorite color from among this and it is possible to buy it.

[ Black ]

[ Red ]

[ White ]

[ Gold ]

A detailed specification is as follows.
・The bracelet and the stitch of the crocodile leather can change the color to 9 colors.
・The bezel can change the color to 9 colors.
・It changes the size, and time(time zone) can be adjusted. It controls in the script.
・Its a unisex.

There is fat packing, too.
These are sold as a version that can be copied. (It is not possible to transfer it)

[ Fat pack ]

Please come to the main store if you were interested in this.
There is DEMO in the main store.

I'm wishing that time in your Second Life becomes a thing that is cool and enhanced.
Thank you.

go to *chronokit* main shop