Sunday, June 30, 2013

[MESH] T-shirts is now on sale

Hi I'm kit the owner of *chronokit* !!

It's been a week since I put my new item on my shop
New item !  yes it is the "T-shirts "
And then I forgot to announce it in my  blog ! hahaha

My new T-shirts really drives me crazy
If I know that making Clothes of thin cloth is this hard , I never challenged
Joint line of materials such as shoulder, chest ,sleeves  is a weigh on my mind and it bothers me a lot
So I need to upload my materials maybe 50 times... Yes I did !!

But finally i made it !!
Some how sleeve line is diagonally
Loose cut of the front neck of shirts looks so sexy and cool isn't it?
it go so good with your  boobies !!

And my another challenge with this T-shirts is "front prints"
I use pattern a lot but I never use print to my creation...and....
I found I have not talent for drawing...
So I still have a feeling that I can do something more for this shirt but may be this is about time for me to release it !! yeah !!


Print.... well.... hehehe
Looks like a amateur drawing..
Because I am not a professional painter, it is an excusable thing
I'll promise you that I'll keep study drawing ... but not now !!
May be next summer you will see my item with front print again
Please wait till then !!
......... no....I can not promise it.... so .... forget about it..... lol

OK then tell you the details of my T-shirts
I made 8 item like....

* Skull who love music (passable one )
* Panda Guy who play guitar for 5 years !
* MEGANEKKO( girl with glasses. Special term of the Japanese animated cartoon I love them !!)
* Tiger with sunglasses ( see how sexy his eyes is !! )
* Tie  ( sloppy sloppy tie )
* City and Bomb ( It is a masterpiece! I spend 10 valuable minutes on that lol )
* Smile ( Girls always love something cute !! )
* Butt ( Guys always love something.... lol )

and 12 plain color


All of them is made with Liquid MESH
One size only for men and women
But it will not fit to all shape so please try DEMO before you buy it

OK ! Get some Cool t-shirts for your hot summer !!!

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