Tuesday, September 16, 2014

*chronokit* NEW RIDER JACKET @ store now!!

Hi hi this is kit from chronokit
Hot summer had gone and autumn is here in Japan.
How your guys doing now?

Well I had made only one POLO SHIRT in this summer...
I was in SL so often this summer but only one.... I wonder why? I
Usually I did release summer item in the end of season.
I sure had idea to make more summer item but.....

I decide to make season item on time in this year
So no more summer item!! lol

New release is RIDER JACKET


 This mesh jacket is designed to put your hand in pocket. and may not show your hand animation.

I made 10 colors.
Not so daring design this time.
Only "Panda" which is Black and white is little bit unique.

You can change color and pattern of Inner and lining with HUD.
21pattern for inner and 9 colors for lining.
You also can hid inner even only bottom.

I use dialog texture change system in my last released POLO.
But it had bad reputation so I made HUD this time.
HUD... it gave me such hard time... don't request me any more for HUD lol

Here is the picture





I was wondering who POCKET IN HAND works but it was easier that I don't have to much attention for the texture around the shoulder。
I always put my hand in pocket in RL so... I like this design!!
But some of you may wish to move your hand so....

And as always I made this jacket with FITTED MESH
But depends on your shape it may not looks so good ( especially around your hip) so I put note card of recommended shape setting just check it for reference.

And do not forget to try DEMO to make sure it fit to your shape before you buy it!!

Now! hope you have fun in autumn with worm hand in pocket jacket !!

Friday, July 25, 2014

New Polo shirt in store for you!

Hi this is kit from chronokit again!
I released new colorful Polo shirt for you.


It's Unisex and include 2 style "long" & "short"
And it will fit most of chronokit pants.

I made 12 variation of color and each of shirt has Texture change script in it.
When you wear this shirt and click it for while dialog menu will show up.
Choose the parts and texture you like!

You will see 5 buttons in menu

1, All
   It will change all changeable parts texture at once
2, Parts
   Use this button to choose which parts of the shirt you with to change the texture
3, Detail
   To use this button you can select the parts to change texture more minutely.
   With this button you even be able to set 3 different color in 3 line of sleeve.
4, Switch
   This is the one little complicated
   This button will change one color to other color at once.
   Push this button and choose "pink" dialog will show you color menu again
   then if you choose white, all pink parts of your shirt will change to white.
5, DelScript
    Kill all script
Changable texture is 27 pattern for each shirt a lot! isn't it?
You can not change main color of single color shirt
But even those you can change texture of sleeves and collar.
It mean you can make your original shirt!

And I also put Full Tex Changer shirt in fat pack  for those who want make very special one.
You can change texture of every parts of this Full Tex Canger.
In case you deleted the script by mistake I include back Up too

Here is the image





With this Texture change shirt you can make pair shirt with your sweet heart.
Or may be you can use it as uniform of your cafe or club.
It must be FUN!!! ya sure must be fun.

Just one thing! more
This shirt is made with liquid MESH and only one size.
Please try DEMO before you buy it
Even DEMO has texture change system so you can try it.
Have fun!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New blouse @ *chronokit* !!

Hi This is kit form chronokit

Usually I start my blog with tittle‐tattle.
But this time I really don't have anything to touch on.

I'm not telling you something like...
Summer is almost here but we still have some cold day.
The World Cup is held soon!!
I heard that some stadiums were still under construction.
Is Brazil all right?
Sure I don't have to tell you these things even it's come to my mind lol

Well seem like I should start to announce my new item.
Girly taste blouse (of course only for girl !!)


Blouse with half-length sleeves, and there is a pin-tuck on the chest.
Length is about to hide your buttocks
May be little bit too short to wear as dress but it may go with short pants.
I should make short pants before I made this blouse !





There are 17 color variations,8 plane color, 4 Dots pattern, 4 Flower print, and 1 mono-tone.
I made this blouse for my slim pants.
But I made this blouse with wider bottom so it will fit to other chronokit pants too.
And.... yes it is for small bust size shape !!
And as this is made with liquid MESH it has only one size.
Please try DEMO and make sure it will fit to your shape before you buy it!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

*chronoit* New slim pants released !!

Hi this is kit form chronokit.

Architecture had kept my interest in SL and I have not release any new item more than one month.
It's been quite a while to make new item and I was wondering what I should make.
Then I come with idea Enthusiastic fan of my shop will be happy if I made all season pants for them. So here it comes !


Denim Capri pants!
NO loose Inseam this time !! ( Doesn't sounds like chronokit is it ? )
One size liquid mesh for Mens and womens.
Such slim pants wear well.

The variation of the color is seven not so many but I choose season color.
There are damage and raveling to the pants except white one.

As this is Capri pants you can use it in summer time.
And for cold season I include extra roll up parts so you can put it over the boots top.
Yes that is what I called " All season "

Here is POP for that fantastic pants !! lol





Mens and womens are included.
So you can wear it with your sweet heart together !!

Again I warn you that this item is made with liquid mesh it may not fit some shapes
So please try DEMO before you buy it!!

Ok now !! see your guys with summer Item ( I hope lol )

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Monday, February 24, 2014

New Mods coat @ chrinokit

Hi hi this is kit from chronokit!!

My season is just winter and It's been so cold outside.
So I try to made new coat to warm up all of you!
But...I went overboard for designing details of the coat and it became rather late to release it.


New item is Mods coat.
You have 9 colors for your choice!
Body of coat and food and fur is all separated so you can attach food and fur as you like.
With our fur you can wear it as spring coat.
Fur attachment is scripted and you can change color when you touch it.

Here is POP





One size for both man and women is included
As I always mention it is liquid mesh and may not fit to some shape so please try DEMO and make sure it will fit to your shape.
I didn't put much difference between man's and women's.
Women's coat has little bit wider food and little bit boobs lol

Such nice warm mods coat comes to check it in my shop on your way dating with your sweetheart!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New pants @ store now !!

Happy new year everyone !!
This is kit from chronokit again and I notice to you all about my new pants !!
It was in my shop in the end of last year ... did you know that ? lol

At first I was going to make some denim pants but in a process of the designing
it become cargo pants and then sarouel and finally it come up in parachute style !


Do you remember my new boots ?
I want wear this new pants with it so I made boots in type too
I think this boots in type  pants will fit to other bland boots.

See these pictures





I made 9 plain colors and 9 patterns
I also made military belt 8 colors

Again and again but this is made of liquid mesh so only one size in package
Please try DEMO and make sure it fit to your shape
This pants is unisex ( I know it looks like mens lol )

I hope this year will be great year for everyone and enjoy shopping in SL