Monday, February 24, 2014

New Mods coat @ chrinokit

Hi hi this is kit from chronokit!!

My season is just winter and It's been so cold outside.
So I try to made new coat to warm up all of you!
But...I went overboard for designing details of the coat and it became rather late to release it.


New item is Mods coat.
You have 9 colors for your choice!
Body of coat and food and fur is all separated so you can attach food and fur as you like.
With our fur you can wear it as spring coat.
Fur attachment is scripted and you can change color when you touch it.

Here is POP





One size for both man and women is included
As I always mention it is liquid mesh and may not fit to some shape so please try DEMO and make sure it will fit to your shape.
I didn't put much difference between man's and women's.
Women's coat has little bit wider food and little bit boobs lol

Such nice warm mods coat comes to check it in my shop on your way dating with your sweetheart!!