Sunday, June 17, 2012

[MESH]began to sell summer clothes!

Hi there! I am an owner of *chronokit*!
It’s getting a kind of hot here. Summer has come…
I thought ok.. It’s summer season, I should make a short pants like Sarrouel Pants also that could slightly be a culotte’s style when you see it in front.  Tada! I made Sarrouel short pants this time!
Then I made a chick and playful cardigan incidentally. Smile.
And more!
I released 36 different TANK TOPs!! Anyway, you must come to see those full of Color variation summer clothes.
I tried to add all at once on POP, then Looks this poster.. Result was filled to overflowing! LOL

[Girls, camouflage-printed Tank top shows your Wild side]

[Yellow Pants – Symbol of peaceful]

[Camouflage +orange standard coordinate]

[Pink cow print makes pretty level up ]

[Tank Top、X cut around on the shoulders]

[Zebra prints, Cool Temptation]

[Appeal simple shot pants that boys can wear!!]

[Appeal... rather long time ago, it fits with old shirt]

This time, I really made a plenty of pattern…
・Tank Type :36
・Cardigan type:9
There are some patterns are look like “? What is that print?
Anyway, I played and made them, I hope you also feel my spirit and enjoy them.
Those MESH clothes’ line is delicate..
So please try DEMO first to see it quite fit on your figure.
All told, I will fully enjoy SL this summer!!

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