Thursday, October 11, 2012

[MESH] released long sleeves shirt !

Hi there ! I am an owner of *chronokit*
It seems becomes cool down outside, you can feel fall is coming now.
but we still have hot days.
then winter will have come soon... oh my..

Anyway it is fall season on the calender! that is why I made a long sleeve shirt for you!
This new one is an Unisex shirt for female and male.

[ Poster ]

I made many color variation on this shirts!
Because of my precious customers who shopping at my store.
I want you enjoy my products with many color variation!

○ solid * 9 colors
○   Large pattern check * 6 colors
○ gingham check * 3 colors
○ Stripe  * 3 colors
○ bubbles printed * 6 colors

my recommended is Stripe printed which fit in best with fall season.

Ok cooL people Here are fat pack poster below。

Size is S,M,L for boys and girls.
you can wear it over the Sarrouel Pants.
please try out DEMO first BEFORE purchase my products.
thank you !

I hope you enjoy my long sleeve shirt with your loved at long fall night. or at the dating.
Enjoy Second Life !

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Monday, September 24, 2012

[MESH] Cargo pants are released!

Hi there !

It's *chronokit*'s owner here!

Well well The lingering summer heat is intense...phew  It's hot here in Japan...
I have been survived by my wonderful air conditioner during these very hot days.

Something like that, Here it is Still very hot September.
Sarouel Cargo pants with low-rise design and spacious pot was deep like a cargo pants, is characterized in a row.

Here is the poster below

[ Poster ]

the pants has more free space around waist with tight down to ankles are looking cool.
Also, making side pockets bigger creates your face looks smaller. (joking)

Color : solid 9 colors and funny prints below.

① camouflage-printed 3types
② anumal printed  3types(Zebra, leopard, giraffe)
③ stripe printed  3types
each of them has different type of buttons like wooden, stiching with different colors, I finished carefully each of them.

I sell belt also sold separately. this fine belt is one of master pieces have a crocodile pattern color with expansion 9 types.

In addition, Cargo pants and belt's size is

this hot season will be cool down toward the fall. if you want to increase your long pants collection!!
PLEASE consider on this cargo pants. you do not regret to get it!
Don't forget try DEMO first before you purchase.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

chronokit introduced MESH aloha shirt!

Hi there! I am an oner of *chronokit*

This release is a bit season off for this summer season. But I made a plunging neckline with half sleave shirt. hmm looking Sexy!!!

This time Aloha print, Polka dotted, solid color material,  nine types each
total 27 types.
size male, female 3 size each.

Here is the Sample poster.

[ Poster ]

texture seems like hard to know which is polka-dotted or solid color.
persistence to fashion people ! must get polka dotted print shirt!
Aloha shirt has Hibiscus. sun flower and hydrangea Print!
I hope you will wear anywhere you go with those fancy shirts!

Demo is in Chronokit Main shop. please try Demo first before buy my items.
I hope you will enjoy Aloha shirts!!

Or how about  use chironokit Aloha shirt as an employees uniform for your cafe or bar ??

something like enjoy yourself with Aloha shirt every day and  watching Olympic!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

[MESH]began to sell summer clothes!

Hi there! I am an owner of *chronokit*!
It’s getting a kind of hot here. Summer has come…
I thought ok.. It’s summer season, I should make a short pants like Sarrouel Pants also that could slightly be a culotte’s style when you see it in front.  Tada! I made Sarrouel short pants this time!
Then I made a chick and playful cardigan incidentally. Smile.
And more!
I released 36 different TANK TOPs!! Anyway, you must come to see those full of Color variation summer clothes.
I tried to add all at once on POP, then Looks this poster.. Result was filled to overflowing! LOL

[Girls, camouflage-printed Tank top shows your Wild side]

[Yellow Pants – Symbol of peaceful]

[Camouflage +orange standard coordinate]

[Pink cow print makes pretty level up ]

[Tank Top、X cut around on the shoulders]

[Zebra prints, Cool Temptation]

[Appeal simple shot pants that boys can wear!!]

[Appeal... rather long time ago, it fits with old shirt]

This time, I really made a plenty of pattern…
・Tank Type :36
・Cardigan type:9
There are some patterns are look like “? What is that print?
Anyway, I played and made them, I hope you also feel my spirit and enjoy them.
Those MESH clothes’ line is delicate..
So please try DEMO first to see it quite fit on your figure.
All told, I will fully enjoy SL this summer!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[MESH] new release jersey Sport wear !

Hello there!
This is an owner of *chronokit*.
well It's not right season wear But I released Jersey Sport wear for boys and girls!!
charm points are high collar and slim body line. also three lines on arms are MESH instead of drawing.
well you know ?
I have a fine performance for my products. grin

made ten patterns for both female and male.
Those colors are very unique, You must try all of them out!

I bet I made a nice pink color for female top.
Demo is in my store,
Please try Demo first before you buy.,

well, oh yes regarding Jersey,
It's for sport event, Cleaning, jogging,Gym etc
It still looks good, it may become dirty and useful in many way like above.

If you think that you might collect at least of jersey sport wear,
you must come take a look at Chronokit.
Stay tune !

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[MESH] Wrinkled shirt

Hello there! * This is an owner of *chronokit*.
It’s spring here.. Really becomes nice and warm weather.
Oh hmm well It’s not good to sell Mods coat in the spring season. LoL
I know I know.. I should make nice spring outfit for Spring style.
So then.. I started selling Cool three-quarter sleeves Wrinkles shirt.

Actually looks half long sleeve ..
Well this is a nice length of sleeve’s shirt. I bet you will like it.

I made it for both ladies and gentle men!
Size is S/M/L.
Also the color variations are Check print 8 types. Plan color 4 types Total 12 colors for this line.
Below is a Poster for this one.

I pay close attention to this check print on the wide which should not too stretch out.
Well, this was difficult when I focus on sleeve of this shirt. But turned it out I was satisfied with that
Also this is a somberness, I made the button is bit bigger and finely made so you can see the tread in the hole of button. Must get and watch closely this nice wrinkled shirt!! You must see How much I pay attention and have made finest clothes for my customers!

Because this fact, I hope you can drop by my shop when you are dating with your special one. Oh yes! This is so nice when you buy matching clothes!
** I made these clothes slimmer so TRY DEMO first before buy my products.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

[MESH] fluffy Mods Coat has released!

Hello there! This is The watch shop chronokit”
Spring has already come in Japan.
Warm weather makes us exciting, isn’t it?
In Real Life, we have seasons in each countries and styling likes my country is spring now so I chose spring style! However SL does not have seasons.

Well, what I am saying is … Japan is Spring now.. But.. I made a winter cloth.. doh..
It’s Unisex Mods Coat!

[ Poster ]

Ummn. Well.. Fur is… like a fluffy puffy!
I hope you enjoy this gorgeous fur it is on around the Hood!
Also I want you enjoy mix and matching for this coat so Hood and coat sell separately. P
I hope you enjoy them in various combination.
Mods Coat: 10 types
Fur: 6 types

Below is a sample styling.

Last released loose pants are good with this Fluffy Mods Coat.
I made this coat’s bottom wider so it fit to the other MESH pants.
Yes! It’s unzipped open front shows off your sexy skin !!

This Mods coat is like that.
It has 3 sizes, S, M, L.
I have Demo in my store so please try DEMO before you buy it.

Oh yes, I have them for men’s lose pants, too.
Size is L and XL. Those are sneaking in there. Please try Demo first before buy it.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[MESH] started selling Loose Pants for girls

Hi Here I am! The Watch shop Chronikit.

We have made New lines after released the Rider's Jacket!

[ Poster ]

This time. We released MESH clothe for girls.
Loose pants. fancy leather belt, loose long sleeve T-Shirt and Tank top shirt!
We sale those clothes at once now! Also each line has in different color, pattern.

・ 6 buttons lie in a slant line on Fabre pants: 15 different types
・ Leather belt : 8 different types
・ Shoulder-baring Loose long sleeve T-shirt with :12 different types
・ Tank Top shirt:12 different types

Below Pics are showing you Nice sample of mix-and-match our new clothes.

This time. S and M two size only.
Please try DEMO out before you buy my items.

Those clothes look Cool and Cute. I bet those are girls favorite clothes!
Lovely ladies, If you like to get some clothes for this Spring,You must come take a look at chronokit main shop.
Don't miss it!

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