Monday, September 24, 2012

[MESH] Cargo pants are released!

Hi there !

It's *chronokit*'s owner here!

Well well The lingering summer heat is intense...phew  It's hot here in Japan...
I have been survived by my wonderful air conditioner during these very hot days.

Something like that, Here it is Still very hot September.
Sarouel Cargo pants with low-rise design and spacious pot was deep like a cargo pants, is characterized in a row.

Here is the poster below

[ Poster ]

the pants has more free space around waist with tight down to ankles are looking cool.
Also, making side pockets bigger creates your face looks smaller. (joking)

Color : solid 9 colors and funny prints below.

① camouflage-printed 3types
② anumal printed  3types(Zebra, leopard, giraffe)
③ stripe printed  3types
each of them has different type of buttons like wooden, stiching with different colors, I finished carefully each of them.

I sell belt also sold separately. this fine belt is one of master pieces have a crocodile pattern color with expansion 9 types.

In addition, Cargo pants and belt's size is

this hot season will be cool down toward the fall. if you want to increase your long pants collection!!
PLEASE consider on this cargo pants. you do not regret to get it!
Don't forget try DEMO first before you purchase.

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