Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Hoodie in store now !!

HI this is kit form chronokit

It's Autumn and Halloween season !
I see a lot of unique decoration in cafes and bar
I like to see it  even my store doesn't have a pumpkin at all  lol

Anyway my new item is just fit to this Chilly season
Hoodie !! very basic hoodie !


I put 20 colors , 10 plain colors and  10 patterns
Mens and womens both are in package
Only one size ( liquid MESH )

And all package include the  inner parts hoodei which go with my Tailored Jacket.
It'll perfectly fit to the Jacket

See picture below





All the detail like wrinkled sleeve, double zipper, hood, pocket, I hope you like it
And color coordination with Jackets I hope you enjoy it
But!  but!  but!  one size only as always and What's more this is very slim shape jacket
So please try DEMO before you buy it !!

Oh ! one more thing
As this jacket is for both MEN and women, you can wear it as matching outfits!
Bring your sweet heart to the shop !!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New item Tailored collar jacket in shop now !!

Hi I'm kit the owner of chronokit

Summer had been gone so fast ,the season turns and autumn arrives.
Autumn is the season for Jacket !!
So I made Tailored Collar Jacket this time .


Wrinkles are the point of this jacket same as my other items.
Don't you think it looks cool? I think it is !!

All 14 colors include MENS AND WOMENS Item
Jacket is Liquid Mesh and designed particularly thin to fit
So please try DEMO and make sure it will fit to your shape

POP is below



This Jacket will go with my last release "Cropped Sarrouel Pants"
As this Jacket has wide hem it will fit to other pants too
I made more color for Leather and Stripe type
but I like check one , it's kawaii !!

Stop in my shop on your way dating with sweet hart !!

And once again !!

Please try DEMO before you buy
This jacket is made with Liquid Mesh, only one size
May not to fit to your shape.

go to *chronokit* main shop