Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Muffler in shop now !

Hi hi this is kit from chronokit again lol

It's getting cold outside
How your guys doing?

I like winter. it's fun to looking for outer, inner, and some good stuff for cold season.
Good item for winter... Boots, watch, muffler...
Ya ! muffler !!

I made bland new maffler for your Xmas shopping  lol


To say truth I was going to made some scarf or some thing like that in autumn.
But I didn't like the shape, looks too thick and you will sweat lol.
So I forget about it but when I took vendor picture of my new boots, I found this muffler go with it very good !
I tell to myself " OK this is about time to sell it !"
And this is my very  first item with texture change script !
I should say this is my ambitious item !!

Oh ya I forget to tell that I put group gift for you
Muffler with red and green The Christmas color ( you see it in picture above )
So don't forget to grub it !!
It is free till the end of this year, and will be regular price next year.

Here the pictures



20 colors ( 10 planes and 10 patterns )

The texture of lining and fringe will change
Just touch the muffler and select the color from the menu.
Ì didn't write about that in my vendor picture nor poster so some people may not be aware of texture change.
You are Lucky to read this blog lol

And again and again I notice you
" This item is made with liquid mesh so only one size , Please try DEMO and make sure it will fit to your shape " ( I should say I use Fitted mesh ?)

I hope this muffler will save you from the Maze of the Christmas present !

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Boots for you !!

Hi this is kit from chronokit

Time past so first and It's became December
Winter is good season to get  new footwear.
So I finally made new boots for you !!


This is unisex military boots.
I use to made boots with scalp before but this one is made with mesh
My very first mesh boots !!
The Boots made with Liquid mesh will fit to your foot automatically.
But some case ( like you have such big feet ) it may lose its shape so please try DEMO before you buy it.

Here is picture





I made 20 patterns
This boots does not include any resize script nor tex change script for shoelace.
Actually no script in this boot so you don't have to worry for script checker lol

And I'm fussy about the details of boots as always
Nonskid heels of the sole, Shoelace , Zipper, etc.
Look close and check these details.

This is Christmas season.
Please come to my shop and check my new boots on your way dating with your sweetheart !

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Hoodie in store now !!

HI this is kit form chronokit

It's Autumn and Halloween season !
I see a lot of unique decoration in cafes and bar
I like to see it  even my store doesn't have a pumpkin at all  lol

Anyway my new item is just fit to this Chilly season
Hoodie !! very basic hoodie !


I put 20 colors , 10 plain colors and  10 patterns
Mens and womens both are in package
Only one size ( liquid MESH )

And all package include the  inner parts hoodei which go with my Tailored Jacket.
It'll perfectly fit to the Jacket

See picture below





All the detail like wrinkled sleeve, double zipper, hood, pocket, I hope you like it
And color coordination with Jackets I hope you enjoy it
But!  but!  but!  one size only as always and What's more this is very slim shape jacket
So please try DEMO before you buy it !!

Oh ! one more thing
As this jacket is for both MEN and women, you can wear it as matching outfits!
Bring your sweet heart to the shop !!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New item Tailored collar jacket in shop now !!

Hi I'm kit the owner of chronokit

Summer had been gone so fast ,the season turns and autumn arrives.
Autumn is the season for Jacket !!
So I made Tailored Collar Jacket this time .


Wrinkles are the point of this jacket same as my other items.
Don't you think it looks cool? I think it is !!

All 14 colors include MENS AND WOMENS Item
Jacket is Liquid Mesh and designed particularly thin to fit
So please try DEMO and make sure it will fit to your shape

POP is below



This Jacket will go with my last release "Cropped Sarrouel Pants"
As this Jacket has wide hem it will fit to other pants too
I made more color for Leather and Stripe type
but I like check one , it's kawaii !!

Stop in my shop on your way dating with sweet hart !!

And once again !!

Please try DEMO before you buy
This jacket is made with Liquid Mesh, only one size
May not to fit to your shape.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Summer pants is in the shop now!

Hi hi this is kit from Chronokit
I put some new Summer item in my shop !
You think it is too late for " New Summer item?"
Well don't worry about that it's Cropped pants so you can use it in autumn too

Yes! new item is Cropped Sarrouel Pants with suspender!!
I also made some belt goes with it


I made 12 plane and 16 pattern unisex pants and 8 plane color belts

See some styling





As this is made with liquid mesh some  shape may not fit correctly
Please try  DEMO and see it goes with your shape before you buy !

Suspender is separated from pants so you can use it with other item
If you bought some of this pants you can make your original set  of pants and suspender!
 ....That doesn't mean I  expect you bout "some "  lol

And if you really look at this pants you will find it has a wooden button
And that is a my point of this new pants !! so check it !!

Bottom of the pants is finished with RUBBER fabric
I try to made  middle length  pants but....
Summer will totally gone when I finish working that ... so i give up lol

Anyway I hope your guys will have a great time with my new pants !!
May be this pants will help you when you are going out with your sweet heart !

And again !!
I'll warn you please try DEMO before you buy it !!

And hope to see you in my store !!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Mesh Dress in the store

Hi hi kit from Chronokit again !!

This time I made cute summer dress.
Recently I had been working for unisex item.
Then I thought I need to put more lady's item in my shop !!

I made dress & bolero sells separately.
I made 15 patterns ( a lot !) so you may find something you like !!

You see the POP here






As this dress is liquid mesh only one size item in the package.
Please try DEMO before you buy and make sure it fit to your shape.
( Basic bust size of my dress is 40.  small? I like that size !! )
And the slit of skirt is little bit deep.
It's a summer you should show your sexy foot and make PPL hot hot hot !!

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

[MESH] T-shirts is now on sale

Hi I'm kit the owner of *chronokit* !!

It's been a week since I put my new item on my shop
New item !  yes it is the "T-shirts "
And then I forgot to announce it in my  blog ! hahaha

My new T-shirts really drives me crazy
If I know that making Clothes of thin cloth is this hard , I never challenged
Joint line of materials such as shoulder, chest ,sleeves  is a weigh on my mind and it bothers me a lot
So I need to upload my materials maybe 50 times... Yes I did !!

But finally i made it !!
Some how sleeve line is diagonally
Loose cut of the front neck of shirts looks so sexy and cool isn't it?
it go so good with your  boobies !!

And my another challenge with this T-shirts is "front prints"
I use pattern a lot but I never use print to my creation...and....
I found I have not talent for drawing...
So I still have a feeling that I can do something more for this shirt but may be this is about time for me to release it !! yeah !!


Print.... well.... hehehe
Looks like a amateur drawing..
Because I am not a professional painter, it is an excusable thing
I'll promise you that I'll keep study drawing ... but not now !!
May be next summer you will see my item with front print again
Please wait till then !!
......... no....I can not promise it.... so .... forget about it..... lol

OK then tell you the details of my T-shirts
I made 8 item like....

* Skull who love music (passable one )
* Panda Guy who play guitar for 5 years !
* MEGANEKKO( girl with glasses. Special term of the Japanese animated cartoon I love them !!)
* Tiger with sunglasses ( see how sexy his eyes is !! )
* Tie  ( sloppy sloppy tie )
* City and Bomb ( It is a masterpiece! I spend 10 valuable minutes on that lol )
* Smile ( Girls always love something cute !! )
* Butt ( Guys always love something.... lol )

and 12 plain color


All of them is made with Liquid MESH
One size only for men and women
But it will not fit to all shape so please try DEMO before you buy it

OK ! Get some Cool t-shirts for your hot summer !!!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[MESH] painter sarrouel Pants is now on sale

Hi there! I am *chronokit* owner, kit.
Already Spring has come.. I thought I would release more outers in the winter season hut it’s gone.

So anyway, I made pants with spring color. Hmm I am not sure if this sarrouel pants are really for spring season.

I made thicker inseams part to make it like Sarrouel. Anyway looks like a roomy pant. You will love the look.


This time, everyone is talking about Liquid MESH (Smart mesh? Fit MESH?) Yes! I made these pants with Liquid MESH!
Even when you move or change poses, pants will fit perfect and look great! This should fit on most of the shapes but please try DEMO first before you purchase my product.  If you want to make this pants slim or relaxed inseam part, you must adjust your body.
Liquid MESH is adjustable by your shape. So I thought I might make only one size.. But I love play with clothes so I made three pattern pants, wide pants, slim pants and cropped trousers, and sale all three pants with one size are in one!!
Sample poster is below for this Painter pants.

○ Poster 01 : male in wide pants.


○ Poster 02 : girl in cropped trousers.


You might be not able to see some parts of these pants on the above poster. I wanted to adhere to this painter pants. See below photo.


2:a Belt around waist
3: Low, right:hummer hook
4: Low, left:side pocket

This painter pants are conservative but I made it for a playful touch. Hope you can check those parts closely.
Also I set textures below.

6 Solid colors
4 denim prints
4 Check prints
4 camouflage prints
4 strip prints

I tried to make denim print.. hmm difficult though..
Will keep up my work!

Below poster is a Fat- pack.
Make sure you can see the colors of this painter pants.

[Fatpack 01]: Denim print, strip print and solid: 3 colors


[Fatpack 02] check print, camouflage print and solid: 3 colors


And this time I set limited pattern at branch store of *chronokit*. Those patterns look veryCooL … hope you enjoy them.
Below is the SLurl where you can get Limited patterns pants.

nasp SIM : Yellow and black strips
KDC : yellow check print
ChimeraSIM : denim Pink
EUPHORIA : panther print
R2City : zebra print

Again, Liquid MESH is able to adjust by your shape. So you will need one size included 3 pattern pants.
Please try DEMO before purchase items. Thank you!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

[MESH] released fabre jacket !

Hi there! I am *chronokit* owner!
 How are you doing?

It has not been up dated my site. Well 3 months has past from last released?
I thought you already forget *chronokit*.. sigh
What did I do? I got a digital toy smart-phone! It uses a lot of batteries.. Really..
I could tell you my Smart phone .. is too expensive even it does not work for me… regret… Nooooo!!!!
Anyway.. I am into my smart phone now..

Get me back to tell ya my new line! Almost forget it!  phew.
My new jacket Fabre jacket is now on sale !!


I was particular about characterized collar form and roll up sleeve!
I really wanted to create this jacket dresses in layers with my last release shirt.
However, sadly MESH that struggles into the Fabre Jacket on top of existing T-shirt.
So I gave up..
Just warning..
You are able to dress layered them however; you use dynamic poses that breaks outfit form.

Below is poster!



Male and female Size: included S, M, and L.
The color variation is rich with many cute hues.
9 in solid color.
9 in print pattern.


Please try DEMO first before purchase items.
Valentine day has come and love in the air.
How about gift same clothes to your special to dress in matching outfits!!
Stay tune!!

Thank you for your patronage.

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