Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[MESH] painter sarrouel Pants is now on sale

Hi there! I am *chronokit* owner, kit.
Already Spring has come.. I thought I would release more outers in the winter season hut it’s gone.

So anyway, I made pants with spring color. Hmm I am not sure if this sarrouel pants are really for spring season.

I made thicker inseams part to make it like Sarrouel. Anyway looks like a roomy pant. You will love the look.


This time, everyone is talking about Liquid MESH (Smart mesh? Fit MESH?) Yes! I made these pants with Liquid MESH!
Even when you move or change poses, pants will fit perfect and look great! This should fit on most of the shapes but please try DEMO first before you purchase my product.  If you want to make this pants slim or relaxed inseam part, you must adjust your body.
Liquid MESH is adjustable by your shape. So I thought I might make only one size.. But I love play with clothes so I made three pattern pants, wide pants, slim pants and cropped trousers, and sale all three pants with one size are in one!!
Sample poster is below for this Painter pants.

○ Poster 01 : male in wide pants.


○ Poster 02 : girl in cropped trousers.


You might be not able to see some parts of these pants on the above poster. I wanted to adhere to this painter pants. See below photo.


2:a Belt around waist
3: Low, right:hummer hook
4: Low, left:side pocket

This painter pants are conservative but I made it for a playful touch. Hope you can check those parts closely.
Also I set textures below.

6 Solid colors
4 denim prints
4 Check prints
4 camouflage prints
4 strip prints

I tried to make denim print.. hmm difficult though..
Will keep up my work!

Below poster is a Fat- pack.
Make sure you can see the colors of this painter pants.

[Fatpack 01]: Denim print, strip print and solid: 3 colors


[Fatpack 02] check print, camouflage print and solid: 3 colors


And this time I set limited pattern at branch store of *chronokit*. Those patterns look veryCooL … hope you enjoy them.
Below is the SLurl where you can get Limited patterns pants.

nasp SIM : Yellow and black strips
KDC : yellow check print
ChimeraSIM : denim Pink
EUPHORIA : panther print
R2City : zebra print

Again, Liquid MESH is able to adjust by your shape. So you will need one size included 3 pattern pants.
Please try DEMO before purchase items. Thank you!

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