Monday, March 19, 2012

[MESH] fluffy Mods Coat has released!

Hello there! This is The watch shop chronokit”
Spring has already come in Japan.
Warm weather makes us exciting, isn’t it?
In Real Life, we have seasons in each countries and styling likes my country is spring now so I chose spring style! However SL does not have seasons.

Well, what I am saying is … Japan is Spring now.. But.. I made a winter cloth.. doh..
It’s Unisex Mods Coat!

[ Poster ]

Ummn. Well.. Fur is… like a fluffy puffy!
I hope you enjoy this gorgeous fur it is on around the Hood!
Also I want you enjoy mix and matching for this coat so Hood and coat sell separately. P
I hope you enjoy them in various combination.
Mods Coat: 10 types
Fur: 6 types

Below is a sample styling.

Last released loose pants are good with this Fluffy Mods Coat.
I made this coat’s bottom wider so it fit to the other MESH pants.
Yes! It’s unzipped open front shows off your sexy skin !!

This Mods coat is like that.
It has 3 sizes, S, M, L.
I have Demo in my store so please try DEMO before you buy it.

Oh yes, I have them for men’s lose pants, too.
Size is L and XL. Those are sneaking in there. Please try Demo first before buy it.

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