Sunday, August 5, 2012

chronokit introduced MESH aloha shirt!

Hi there! I am an oner of *chronokit*

This release is a bit season off for this summer season. But I made a plunging neckline with half sleave shirt. hmm looking Sexy!!!

This time Aloha print, Polka dotted, solid color material,  nine types each
total 27 types.
size male, female 3 size each.

Here is the Sample poster.

[ Poster ]

texture seems like hard to know which is polka-dotted or solid color.
persistence to fashion people ! must get polka dotted print shirt!
Aloha shirt has Hibiscus. sun flower and hydrangea Print!
I hope you will wear anywhere you go with those fancy shirts!

Demo is in Chronokit Main shop. please try Demo first before buy my items.
I hope you will enjoy Aloha shirts!!

Or how about  use chironokit Aloha shirt as an employees uniform for your cafe or bar ??

something like enjoy yourself with Aloha shirt every day and  watching Olympic!

go to *chronokit* main shop