Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[MESH] started selling Loose Pants for girls

Hi Here I am! The Watch shop Chronikit.

We have made New lines after released the Rider's Jacket!

[ Poster ]

This time. We released MESH clothe for girls.
Loose pants. fancy leather belt, loose long sleeve T-Shirt and Tank top shirt!
We sale those clothes at once now! Also each line has in different color, pattern.

・ 6 buttons lie in a slant line on Fabre pants: 15 different types
・ Leather belt : 8 different types
・ Shoulder-baring Loose long sleeve T-shirt with :12 different types
・ Tank Top shirt:12 different types

Below Pics are showing you Nice sample of mix-and-match our new clothes.

This time. S and M two size only.
Please try DEMO out before you buy my items.

Those clothes look Cool and Cute. I bet those are girls favorite clothes!
Lovely ladies, If you like to get some clothes for this Spring,You must come take a look at chronokit main shop.
Don't miss it!

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