Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Summer pants is in the shop now!

Hi hi this is kit from Chronokit
I put some new Summer item in my shop !
You think it is too late for " New Summer item?"
Well don't worry about that it's Cropped pants so you can use it in autumn too

Yes! new item is Cropped Sarrouel Pants with suspender!!
I also made some belt goes with it


I made 12 plane and 16 pattern unisex pants and 8 plane color belts

See some styling





As this is made with liquid mesh some  shape may not fit correctly
Please try  DEMO and see it goes with your shape before you buy !

Suspender is separated from pants so you can use it with other item
If you bought some of this pants you can make your original set  of pants and suspender!
 ....That doesn't mean I  expect you bout "some "  lol

And if you really look at this pants you will find it has a wooden button
And that is a my point of this new pants !! so check it !!

Bottom of the pants is finished with RUBBER fabric
I try to made  middle length  pants but....
Summer will totally gone when I finish working that ... so i give up lol

Anyway I hope your guys will have a great time with my new pants !!
May be this pants will help you when you are going out with your sweet heart !

And again !!
I'll warn you please try DEMO before you buy it !!

And hope to see you in my store !!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Mesh Dress in the store

Hi hi kit from Chronokit again !!

This time I made cute summer dress.
Recently I had been working for unisex item.
Then I thought I need to put more lady's item in my shop !!

I made dress & bolero sells separately.
I made 15 patterns ( a lot !) so you may find something you like !!

You see the POP here






As this dress is liquid mesh only one size item in the package.
Please try DEMO before you buy and make sure it fit to your shape.
( Basic bust size of my dress is 40.  small? I like that size !! )
And the slit of skirt is little bit deep.
It's a summer you should show your sexy foot and make PPL hot hot hot !!

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