Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Boots for you !!

Hi this is kit from chronokit

Time past so first and It's became December
Winter is good season to get  new footwear.
So I finally made new boots for you !!


This is unisex military boots.
I use to made boots with scalp before but this one is made with mesh
My very first mesh boots !!
The Boots made with Liquid mesh will fit to your foot automatically.
But some case ( like you have such big feet ) it may lose its shape so please try DEMO before you buy it.

Here is picture





I made 20 patterns
This boots does not include any resize script nor tex change script for shoelace.
Actually no script in this boot so you don't have to worry for script checker lol

And I'm fussy about the details of boots as always
Nonskid heels of the sole, Shoelace , Zipper, etc.
Look close and check these details.

This is Christmas season.
Please come to my shop and check my new boots on your way dating with your sweetheart !

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