Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[MESH] new release jersey Sport wear !

Hello there!
This is an owner of *chronokit*.
well It's not right season wear But I released Jersey Sport wear for boys and girls!!
charm points are high collar and slim body line. also three lines on arms are MESH instead of drawing.
well you know ?
I have a fine performance for my products. grin

made ten patterns for both female and male.
Those colors are very unique, You must try all of them out!

I bet I made a nice pink color for female top.
Demo is in my store,
Please try Demo first before you buy.,

well, oh yes regarding Jersey,
It's for sport event, Cleaning, jogging,Gym etc
It still looks good, it may become dirty and useful in many way like above.

If you think that you might collect at least of jersey sport wear,
you must come take a look at Chronokit.
Stay tune !

go to *chronokit* main shop