Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[MESH] Wrinkled shirt

Hello there! * This is an owner of *chronokit*.
It’s spring here.. Really becomes nice and warm weather.
Oh hmm well It’s not good to sell Mods coat in the spring season. LoL
I know I know.. I should make nice spring outfit for Spring style.
So then.. I started selling Cool three-quarter sleeves Wrinkles shirt.

Actually looks half long sleeve ..
Well this is a nice length of sleeve’s shirt. I bet you will like it.

I made it for both ladies and gentle men!
Size is S/M/L.
Also the color variations are Check print 8 types. Plan color 4 types Total 12 colors for this line.
Below is a Poster for this one.

I pay close attention to this check print on the wide which should not too stretch out.
Well, this was difficult when I focus on sleeve of this shirt. But turned it out I was satisfied with that
Also this is a somberness, I made the button is bit bigger and finely made so you can see the tread in the hole of button. Must get and watch closely this nice wrinkled shirt!! You must see How much I pay attention and have made finest clothes for my customers!

Because this fact, I hope you can drop by my shop when you are dating with your special one. Oh yes! This is so nice when you buy matching clothes!
** I made these clothes slimmer so TRY DEMO first before buy my products.
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