Thursday, May 8, 2014

*chronoit* New slim pants released !!

Hi this is kit form chronokit.

Architecture had kept my interest in SL and I have not release any new item more than one month.
It's been quite a while to make new item and I was wondering what I should make.
Then I come with idea Enthusiastic fan of my shop will be happy if I made all season pants for them. So here it comes !


Denim Capri pants!
NO loose Inseam this time !! ( Doesn't sounds like chronokit is it ? )
One size liquid mesh for Mens and womens.
Such slim pants wear well.

The variation of the color is seven not so many but I choose season color.
There are damage and raveling to the pants except white one.

As this is Capri pants you can use it in summer time.
And for cold season I include extra roll up parts so you can put it over the boots top.
Yes that is what I called " All season "

Here is POP for that fantastic pants !! lol





Mens and womens are included.
So you can wear it with your sweet heart together !!

Again I warn you that this item is made with liquid mesh it may not fit some shapes
So please try DEMO before you buy it!!

Ok now !! see your guys with summer Item ( I hope lol )

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