Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New blouse @ *chronokit* !!

Hi This is kit form chronokit

Usually I start my blog with tittle‐tattle.
But this time I really don't have anything to touch on.

I'm not telling you something like...
Summer is almost here but we still have some cold day.
The World Cup is held soon!!
I heard that some stadiums were still under construction.
Is Brazil all right?
Sure I don't have to tell you these things even it's come to my mind lol

Well seem like I should start to announce my new item.
Girly taste blouse (of course only for girl !!)


Blouse with half-length sleeves, and there is a pin-tuck on the chest.
Length is about to hide your buttocks
May be little bit too short to wear as dress but it may go with short pants.
I should make short pants before I made this blouse !





There are 17 color variations,8 plane color, 4 Dots pattern, 4 Flower print, and 1 mono-tone.
I made this blouse for my slim pants.
But I made this blouse with wider bottom so it will fit to other chronokit pants too.
And.... yes it is for small bust size shape !!
And as this is made with liquid MESH it has only one size.
Please try DEMO and make sure it will fit to your shape before you buy it!!!