Saturday, January 11, 2014

New pants @ store now !!

Happy new year everyone !!
This is kit from chronokit again and I notice to you all about my new pants !!
It was in my shop in the end of last year ... did you know that ? lol

At first I was going to make some denim pants but in a process of the designing
it become cargo pants and then sarouel and finally it come up in parachute style !


Do you remember my new boots ?
I want wear this new pants with it so I made boots in type too
I think this boots in type  pants will fit to other bland boots.

See these pictures





I made 9 plain colors and 9 patterns
I also made military belt 8 colors

Again and again but this is made of liquid mesh so only one size in package
Please try DEMO and make sure it fit to your shape
This pants is unisex ( I know it looks like mens lol )

I hope this year will be great year for everyone and enjoy shopping in SL