Friday, October 29, 2010

*chronokit* new degital wristwatch release !!

Hi all, I'm kit Pizzicato, I'm owner of *chronokit*.
This information about new item.

I began to sell a new digital wristwatch a little while ago.
The name is "Dio".

[ Dio black ]

The color of the metal has gold, red, and silver besides the black above.
You can buy a favorite color.

[ Dio gold ]

[ Dio red ]

[ Dio silver ]

[ Detailed specification ]
・A leather bracelet can change the color to nine colors.
・The display of a digital clock can change the color to nine colors.
・"Size change" and "Adjustment of the time zone" are possible. (Script control )
・Its unisex.

Its a specification that trans ok usually.
The fat packing is sold as a version that can be copied.

[ Dio fat pack ]

It becomes such feeling if it attach it in the arm.
I making of a little largeness. And, its a design with the impact.
It stands out even if it attached it to man's arm.

Please come to the main store if you were interested in this.
There is DEMO in the main store.

If I can support you so that your Second Life may soooo better, I'm glad :)
Thank you!!

go to *chronokit* main shop