Sunday, May 1, 2011

*chronokit* New boots release

Hello guys! I'm owner of chronokit.
I release new product! well...I'ts Highheel layered Boots for women.
First of all, please look at the image! I think this product is very good. hehe


When touch the boots. The menu appears.
Color of laceup: 9 types
Inner cloth: 9 types
Color of belt: 9 types
Heels: 5 types
And, resize.

The shape change of the heel is considerably popular.
Shoes cannot be modify. However, it's possible to change in the script.

And, color variation is 9 color! lol
I introduce them by the excerpt.




[Nylon Black]

Other colors.
Khaki, Red, Orange, Brown

Sales of single is "NO copy / trans OK".

However, Fatpac is prepared. Fatpack is "NO trans/copy OK".

And, I'm selling the color of the branch shop limitation to the branch shop in 3 places respectively.

1. Chimera shop

2. KDC Mall shop

3. Dombersnark shop

There is DEMO. DEMO is free.
I hope you like it !

Thank you.

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