Thursday, January 26, 2012

*chronokit* [MESH] New released Men’s Riders Jacket!

Hi Here I am! The watch shop Chronokit !
Riders Jacket for women based on the previous sale,
I have created men’s riders jackets for adults.
You might also try the same outfit with your girl friend that would look cool.

I made one size only.
I make this jackets size based on my shape so... It is little bit muscularity.
Please try DEMO out before you buy my items.

[ Poster ]

I selected the colors which are the same color as female riders jackets.
Black, Brown, Ivory, Khaki, Orange, Pink, Red, Navy[Shiny],Camel[fabric],Gray[ fabric’]
just to give you an idea. See below








[navy shiny]

[camel fabric]

[gray fabric]

Sales this rider’s jackets are next to girls’ riders’ jackets section at the headquarters.
For the dating, of course! Maybe rather guys only come have a look!! Or Come to kill time!!
See you!

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