Monday, January 23, 2012

[MESH] Rider jackets has released

Hello ! I am a clock maker.
I lately have made Mesh clothes and I am starting to get the hang of it.
I think I will make MESH clothes or Shoes bit by bit.
Oh Watch ? … If I felt like it, I will make it.
From *chronokit*, we has released MESH Riders Jackets for girls!

[ Poster ]

I have created an orthodox form commonly seen.
when you feel like ride on Harley Davidson on the highway, please try to wear it.
This is in ten colors.
Although For women, I made a generous mannish tint.
This time, we will release same tint men’s cloth so please enjoy dress in this matching outfit and
take a long ride with someone special.







[navy shiny]

[camel fabric]

[gray fabric]

Camel and gray color those are not leather fabric but it is probably wool.
Also, navy color leather has a shine texture.

We have a DEMO in the store, please try it first make sure it fits on you then consider the purchase of it.

Something likes that, we will release large number of MESH items more this year.
Thank you all for your support on *chronokit* we look forward to serving you.

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